quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

O que ler?

Galera, gostaria que vocês usassem essa página para recomendar livros que possamos ler e nos divertir. Basta mandar um e-mail para tioragas@yahoo.com.br e dizer qual livro que eu procuro resenha, capa, editora, autor e posto aqui no blog. Que tal?

Vu começar recomendando um livro que estou lendo agora. É em inglês, mas acho que qualquer livro deste autor será uma boa escolha. A resenha está em inglês, se alguém precisar, depois eu posso traduzir.

Abrazzo Ragazzo

From the Corner of his Eye - Dean Koontz


Bartholomew Lamion is born in Bright Beach, California, on a day of tragedy and terror, when the lives of everyone in his family are changed forever. Remarkable events accompany his birth, and everyone agrees that his unusual eyes are the most beautiful they have ever seen.

From the Corner of His EyeOn this same day, a thousand miles away, a ruthless man learns that he has a mortal enemy named Bartholomew. He doesn't know who Bartholomew is, but he embarks ona search that will become the purpose of his life. If ever he finds the right Bartholomew, he will deal mercilessly with him.

And in San Francisco, a girl is born, the result of a violent rape. Her survival is miraculous, and her destiny is mysteriously linked to the fates of Barty and the man who stalks him.

At the age of three, Barty Lampion is blinded when surgeons reluctantly remove his eyes to save him from a fast-spreading cancer. As the growing boy copes with his blindness and proves to be a prodigy, his mother, an exceptional woman, counsels him that all things happen for a reason, that there is meaning even in his suffering, and that he will affect the lives of people yet unknown to him in ways startling and profound.

At thirteen, Bartholomew regains his sight. How he regains it, why he regains it, and what happens as his amazing life unfolds results in a breathtaking journey of courage, heart-stopping suspense, and high adventure. His mother once told him that every person's life has an effect on every other person's, in often unknowable ways, and Barty's eventful life indeed entwines with others in ways that will astonish and move everyone who reads his story.

Book No. 000586

622 pages. Book is in very nice shape, only flaw is loose binding at top spine and light rubbing of dust jacket. A great hardcover copy. Book is oversized, but as a special bonus, there will be no extra postage charged!

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Mari - é como quero ser chamada. disse...

Traduza, please.Afinal, temos apenas 8 meses de inglês. ;D

Murilo S Romeiro disse...

O careta fica cego e tem nome de Bartolomeu Lampião!!!hehehe

Ragas disse...

hehehe... Murilo, essa foi uma escolha racional do autor... Esse paradoxo é tratado durante o livro...

Abrazzo Ragazzo